Women's clothing for every style and for every accasion.


Fashionable mothers want their children to be stylish and fashionable and make the clothing more individual.


In the house you can find individual and unique accessories (necklaces, belts, brooches and etc.)

About us

GART Fashion House was founded in 2001. The founding president (director) is Gayane Karapetyan. Gayane Karapetyan graduated from Armenian Open University (Yerevan) the design faculty.

GART Fashion House upholds a simple fashion philosophy – to be individual in fashion and to have an apportunity to find your own style.
The mission of GART Fashion House is to make a customer’s clothes attractive, beautiful, fashionable, modern comfortable and unique.

Women’s fashion
Women’s clothing for every style and every accasion. Experienced designers will make your thoughts and wishes seality and help you to be stylish and beautiful.

Children’s fashion
Fashionable mothers want their children to be stylish and fashionable. The House carries an individual approach to children consulting their wishes. 
In the House you can find children;s clothing for every style and occasion.

Handmade ornaments
What can be more beautiful than handmade ornaments ? Which are made with great pleasure and make the clothing more individual. 
GART Fashion House has individual and unique handmade arnaments on the clothing, among them national arnaments have their special place with all their beauty, meaning, elegance and variety.

Each clothing can be synthesized with some accessories for being more individual and beautiful, which not only fill the clothing but also make it unforgettable.

The House has also a children’s clothings for rent. On evry accasion your child can be individual, beautiful and dressed the clothings of heroes in fairy tale. 

You are preparing for the most important event in your life – your wedding, and you don’t know where to buy your dress? GART Fashion House will help you and all the members of your family. Here you can order dresses of various styles and tastes, made from different types of fabrics.

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